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Mike Critelli, CEO, Pitney Bowes

On January 1, 1997 Michael Critelli was elected Chairman and CEO of Pitney Bowes.  That fall, Pitney Bowes ran its first open employee giving campaign in response to surveys and focus groups that found that Pitney Bowes employees wanted more flexibility and options for giving than had previously been available.

“We believe in empowering our employees to make informed choices about their professional lives,” said Mr. Critelli. “Our new employee giving campaign is a natural outgrowth of the power of flexibility.”

Karl Krapek, President and COO, United Technologies Corporation

Karl Krapek celebrates raising over $25 million for the Capital Area Community Campaign, benefiting Community Health Charities and the United Way.

“Chairing the 1999 United Way and Community Health Charities Campaign for the Greater Hartford area was one of my most rewarding experiences ever.  The vitality and professionalism of the Community Health Charities staff contributed to our record breaking year and made my job fun and exciting.”













 “1997 was an important year for the employee giving campaign at Pitney Bowes because the company had downsized.  By way of a survey, employees had already told us they wanted more choice in giving.  So, we took a risk and offered more giving choices in an attempt to energize the campaign.  We were right.  Overall giving went up by seven percent in spite of fewer employees.  I am convinced that offering choice made the difference.”

                 Mark Breslawsky
                President & COO
                Pitney Bowes, Inc.

“When I served as the United Technologies employee giving campaign chairperson, I realized that it was important to always mention Community Health Charities as well as the United Way.  Out donors were very grateful to be able to give to the trusted health agencies that touched their families.”

Patrick J. Gnazzo
Vice President, Business Practices
United Technologies Corporation

“Community health Charities is the perfect solution for managing my donations to worthy health organizations. I typically contribute to more than 1/3 of the charities represented by Community Health Charities but have difficulty tracking when I gave to which one last and when I should contribute again. Now through a simple payroll deduction, I can direct my donations for the year.”

Bill Catino
Manager, Inside Sales & Channels
Select Energy, Inc.

“We celebrate the fact that 2000 marks the 12th year that Community Health Charities of Connecticut has been an integral part of Sikorsky’s employee giving campaign.  Over time, the health charities represented by Community Health Charities have built relationships with our employees through workplace wellness activities, health fairs and direct services.  Our employees are able to understand the value that health agencies bring to the community in a very personal way.  It’s a winning relationship that has full support of employees, management and our union alike.”

Elizabeth B. Amato
Vice President, Human Resources
Sikorsky Aircraft

“The theme, Choice in Giving, reflects a growing trend among area businesses to provide their employees with more choices in workplace giving and to satisfy their desire to give to health-related causes.”

Peter H. Roberge
Vice President
Putnam Trust

“From the initial experience of broadening our campaign to include Community Health Charities, we realized how important it was to mention to employees that they now had another choice of giving to health charities as well as to the United Way’s charities.  Our donors were very receptive also to giving to the trusted health organizations that touched their families.”

Charles Bunnell, III
Deputy Chief of Staff
The Mohegan Tribe

“From employee feedback we knew that they wanted the opportunity to give to the health and human service organizations of their choice. Last year we gave them the most diverse campaign ever.  It worked. Donations rose by 34 percent.”

Brigid Smith
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications
Citizens Utilities

“Giving employees a choice of the two groups (Community Health Charities and United Way) has revitalized our giving.”

        Daniel Sullivan
        Site Manager
        Cytec Industries, Inc.