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Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut

386 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Tel:  860-346-1924 or 800-899-EPIL
Fax:  860-346-1928


The Facts about Epilepsy

Epilepsy (seizure disorder) is a chronic medical condition produced by temporary electrical disturbances in the brain, causing seizures which affect awareness, movement or sensation.  Medication helps many of the more than 2.5 million people with epilepsy, but more than 600,000 Americans with this condition continue to have seizures, and its is estimated that up to 125,000 episodes of dangerous non-stop convulsions occur every year in people of all ages.

Some 45,000 Connecticut residents have epilepsy.  30% of them are children under the age of 18.  70% of cases of epilepsy have no known cause.

Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut

The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut was founded originally as a support group by parents in 1982 and was awarded full affiliation to the Epilepsy Foundation of America in 1990.

Its mission is to enable people with epilepsy to understand, manage, and cope successfully with their disorder, and to further public understanding, reduce stigma, and increase acceptance of people with epilepsy. 

Programs & Services in Connecticut

Information & Referral – Information about local services, the latest facts on treatments and medication and tips on day-to-day living is provided for people about epilepsy with the use of brochures, pamphlets, videos and guides.   Physician referrals are also available

School Alert provides teachers, school nurses and students with information about epilepsy, recognizing seizures and appropriate first aid.

Women & Epilepsy Series is an ongoing series of educational programs designed to keep women with epilepsy informed about up-to-date treatments and research.

Child Care Program is designed specifically for child care providers, giving them the necessary information to effectively handle seizures in a day care setting.  This is a nationally marketed program which was created by the Connecticut chapter.  

Camp Alert provides camp counselors and other adults in the camp community with information about epilepsy so they can provide a fun and safe camp experience for kids with epilepsy.

Worksite In-services provide information about epilepsy, proper first aid and legal concerns to employers and employees.

Individual & Family Education Sessions provide an opportunity for anyone with epilepsy or family members of a person with epilepsy to meet with a staff member to address specific concerns about epilepsy.

Epilepsy Summer Camp gives children with epilepsy the chance to experience what every child deserves –a week at summer camp.  This program, which is open to children ages 6-18, was the first camp in New England specifically for kids with epilepsy.  Scholarships are available to allow children with epilepsy to attend the camp of their choice.

Support Groups provide support for people with epilepsy, their families and friends with monthly meetings in various locations throughout the state.

Parent & Family Telephone Network links parents and families over the telephone so they can gain support and knowledge, share their triumphs and failures and talk and listen while furthering their understanding about epilepsy.

Upcoming Events

July 8-13, 2001
Summer Camp for Kids & Teens with Epilepsy
Camp Hemlocks, Hebron

August 18, 2001
15th Annual Mud Volleyball Tournament

September 24, 2001
Epilepsy Golf Classic

November 2001
Epilepsy Awareness Month

For more information on these events, call 1-800-899-EPIL